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Movie and TV Soundtracks on Vinyl

Movie and TV Soundtracks on Vinyl

Entertainment as we know it is nothing without music. You may not be aware of it, but music pulls you into the moment. It emphasizes a scene; it creates tension, love, joy, sadness, anger, betrayal, any mood and moment that a film wants to pull you into, they’ll do it with the help of a strong soundtrack. 

With it being such an important part of the puzzle, of course soundtracks are often released separately from their film, whether for promotion or high demand. 

These soundtracks deserve their best treatment. They deserve to be pressed on the high fidelity, incomparable quality of a vinyl record. There are so many soundtracks that deserve to be heard so closely to how they were recorded. We’ve looked through our stock to find some we’d like to bring some attention to!

First up, here are some vintage records we’ve got in: 

Top Gun

When you’re talking movie soundtracks, it’s pretty hard NOT to mention Top Gun. The action movie’s massive impact couldn’t have been made without its incredible soundtrack, which to this day remains to be one of the best-selling of all time. Featuring Kenny Loggins with “Danger Zone” and “Playing With The Boys” as well as Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away” amongst a list of legendary tracks, it’s no wonder that this soundtrack has made its mark in history as one of the best ever to be released. There’s no reason NOT to own such a legendary soundtrack on vinyl! (This is a Japanese relase!) 

The Way We Were

Written and composed by Marvin Hamlisch and performed by the very same woman leading the movie, Barbra Streisand, this soundtrack has seen a few entries into charts as well as achieving a gold certification for exceeding 500,000 sales! “The Way We Were”, the song, also reached platinum status in the US by 1997 and even has three versions across the soundtrack. The soundtrack to this movie helps tell the story of its main characters, Katie and Hubbell, while moving the film along at a good pace and guiding us through the dramatic, struggling romance of the aforementioned main characters. (Another Japanese issue!) 


While not a movie, Diana! Still deserves a mention for being the first solo television special featuring the legendary Diana Ross. This special came around close to the beginning of Diana Ross’ solo career, so naturally she made sure to feature both of the tracks from her debut album that shot to success; “Reach Out and Touch (Somebody’s Hand)” and “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”. On top of her own songs, Ross also brought in plenty of guest appearances. The Jackson 5 make a special appearance as well as the beginnings of Michael Jackson performing on his own. Bill Cosby also featured not just in a song, but had his own segment in the special. There’s no better way to relive the humble beginnings of Diania Ross’ solo career than to hear it in the best quality it can be heard!

The Magic Of Lassie

This soundtrack has two notable releases, its original US release and the year-after UK release, which has a few new features. This particular record is the UK release, donning a brand new cover as well as three whole songs that were not featured on the US release! These being: 

“Nobody’s Property” (Instrumental)

“A Rose Is Not A Rose”, newly recorded 

“When You’re Loved”, newly recorded. 

This soundtrack comes packed with plenty of feelings, a sense of adventure and whimsy fill some tracks while others can get you a little bit teary eyed. “When You’re Loved” is the popular, star track of this album. This film’s unfortunate timing of release beside Star Wars probably contributed to its box office struggles, and think what you want about the film itself but the soundtrack is one of the better things to come of it!

Bronco Billy

No one does a western like the legendary Clint Eastwood. His wit knows no end and creates scripts of drama, comedy and adventure which captivate their viewers at every moment. The movie follows the story of Billy McCoy, the owner of a traveling Wild West show. Unfortunately business has been scarce, and Billy ends up getting mixed up with Antoinette Lily, who he found at a gas station abandoned by her husband on their wedding night. A particularly popular track from this soundtrack is “Misery and Gin”, though the title theme and “Cowboys and Clowns” are great tracks, too. Conducted by Steve Dorff and produced by Snuff Garrett, the score is a great listen to live in the wild west for a little while. 

The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail

An absolute classic of a comedy film, Monty Python and the Holy Grail is still a treasured film to this day. This album is less of a score and more of a highlight reel of the movie as well as material recorded around a spoof screening of the movie at Classic Sillbury Hill Theatre, among which is the “Marilyn Monroe” skit. As well as featuring iconic scenes from the movie, like the “French Taunter”, “The Knights Who Say Ni!”, “Witch Burning” and plenty more. For any fan of the movie, this soundtrack is a must-have!

And now for some brand new records we’ve got! 

Pokemon - Detective Pikachu

Pokemon is one of the best performing franchises to this date, whether it be in the video games, the expansively long anime, the card game or even just the merchandise. It was inevitable that it would eventually be transferred into a movie format. Detective Pikachu met an excellent success, breaking the tradition of movies being based on video game properties not being particularly good. The score was composed by Henry Jackman, who left little motifs to the Pokemon franchise’s music as well as just creating a good and immersive score to enhance the emotional experience and the action packed moments of the movie. This release is a limited edition of 2500 pressed on white vinyl and also features a picture disc of Pikachu in full colour on its D side, amongst a bunch more goodies!

Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons - Original Television Soundtrack

Much like the previous Gerry and Sylvia Anderson series Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons’ soundtrack was composed by Barry Gray. The series departed from the style of Thunderbirds in several ways, namely the much more realistic proportions of the puppets. Still, with excellent puppetry and masterful special effects, all the charm was still there. Gray’s work on the soundtrack included some cleverly interspersed motifs to accentuate character driven moments as well as appearances of the fearsome Mysterons. The soundtrack is a huge mashup of the old sound of 50’s/60’s sci fi, light jazz, light classical, ‘British Invasion’ and Scottish folk-music which combine to create a moody soundtrack for a moody show. 


This independent comedy movie performed quite well amongst audiences and critics. Paired with its rambunctious sense of humor is a surprisingly heartfelt and thought provoking story. The audacity of the movie is what most people look to it for, but it does also have a pretty great soundtrack. Composed by Stephen Rennicks, “I Love You All” is a particularly popular hit but the whole soundtrack brings forwards the weird and wonderful world of Frank, and is a perfect listen on a vinyl record. This version is also pressed on rose pink vinyl!

Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle

This action comedy revisits the harrowing world and tale of Jumanji as a sequel, though takes a much more comedic approach than its predecessor. The movie takes place 21 years after the original, and drags its players into a video game, making it their quest to escape. The soundtrack was produced, once again, by Henry Jackman, the same person mentioned above that composed the Detective Pikachu soundtrack! This soundtrack does not feature the Guns ‘N’ Roses track of the same name, though it is featured in the credits of the movie. The soundtrack only consists of Jackman’s score. It received a nomination for “Best Original Score of an Action/Adventure/Thriller Film” and this record is one of just 300 released! 

The Amazing Spider-Man

Spider-Man can very likely be seen as the most popular Marvel hero in the lineup. His story has been rebooted three times, all with different lines of events and characters from his comic book stories. This movie’s soundtrack was composed by James Horner in its entirety. A few other songs were featured such as Coldplay’s “Til Kingdom Come”, but Horner’s own score is what found a place in the heart of fans and critics alike. Cleverly using instrumentation, such as heavily leaning on piano for delicacy and then amping up the instruments depending on the severity of the scene, Horner’s work brought the characters and their emotions even more life than they already had. This record is limited edition, and features printed inner sleeves as well as an exclusive Spider-Man fridge magnet!

The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail

…Wait. Didn’t we already mention this one? 

Well, we did as a vintage release, not this new one! This release is, ironically, a limited edition. The original version’s cover was printed with a label calling it the “executive edition”, which was just a joke to poke fun at the concept of limited editions. Yet here we are with a 2020 release of a limited edition picture disc, released in celebration of Record Store Day. This version not only gave its vinyl a picture disc, but also features a bonus track! It now includes the film’s 40th anniversary trailer at the beginning of the album. Otherwise restoring each hilarious scene we reminisced on for the vintage version. 

Soundtracks Make Movies Special

In more ways than one. Whether it’s how much they enhance the experience, or in some cases, the soundtrack is the golden nugget of the movie. Regardless, movie soundtracks should be celebrated. Movie soundtracks should be enjoyed in the highest quality they can be; vinyl records.

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