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Kylie Minogue: The Princess of Pop Vinyl Records

Kylie Minogue: The Princess of Pop Vinyl Records

Without a doubt, Kylie Minogue is one of the most successful female artists of all time. Everyone has heard at least one of her songs, but chances are we’ve all heard much more than just one. She’s smashed the charts so many times, it’s hard to keep track!

That being said, let’s take a plunge into the toe tapping, dance-along world of Kylie Minogue records, and reflect on any that fans of the leading lady herself should absolutely own on vinyl!

Record and Music History

The year is 1988. “Kylie” is released to the world in July to storming success. The debut album packed several singles that dominated the charts, such as “The Locomotion”, “Got to be Certain” and “I Should be so Lucky”. Not only this, but the album quickly became the best-selling album of the 80’s by a female artist.

Come October 1989, Minogue released her second album, “Enjoy Yourself”. With the same dancey, energetic vibe as her first album, it once again performed very well in several countries. The UK in particular crowned the singles “Hand on Your Heart” and “Tears on my Pillow” in their charts. However, this album did not perform well in the US at the time. The record label dropped Minogue, thus making the American print of this record rarer than other prints.

November of 1990 brought “Rhythm of Love” onto the scene. The singles “Better the Devil You Know”, “Shocked” and “Step Back in Time” were the key performers of this record, as it did not actually perform particularly well commercially, at least not as well as the last two had. However, it did create an important landmark in Minogue’s career. She felt she had a voice and creative freedom over the creation of music videos, and it saw a distinct change in her image as being much more mature.

With Minogue returning from a tour to promote the last album, 1991 released “Let’s Get to It”. This album actually became her first to miss a top ten spot in the charts, though over time a few of the singles reached respectable chart spots.

Then in 1992, her first Greatest Hits record hit the shelves to another wave of success. It reclaimed Minogue’s place at the top of the charts in the UK and hitting a modest number 3 in Australia. As well as her own single “What Kind of Fool”, her cover of “Celebration” by Kool & the Gang both performed well in UK charts.

The Move to Deconstruction Records

1993 saw another large movement in Minogue’s career, the shift to working under Deconstruction Records, away from what Minogue herself had expressed was an oppressive and controlling team.

“Kyle Minogue” released in 1994 and found immediate praise regarding Minogue’s vocal performances. The album climbed up to number 4 of the UK charts, and the single “Confide in Me” spent a whole month at the top of the Australian charts. This record continued Minogue’s next chain of successful albums.

In a relationship with Stephane Sednaoui and both of them inspired by Japanese art and culture, they used this influence to produce the imagery for 1997’s “Impossible Princess”. With several epic collaborations, it felt like a recipe for success, though at the time it was met with quite harsh, negative reviews. Though nowadays it’s often praised as one of, if not Minogue’s best albums, with another set of banging dance tunes and an insight into her young, struggling mind.

“Light Years” flew onto the scene in September of 2000. It flew back into commercial success, finally topping the charts of her native country of Australia. This record spawned the single “Spinning Around”, which topped UK charts. Its video became an iconic look for Minogue, and several other singles like “Kids” in collaboration with Robbie Williams and “Please Stay” also landed strongly in the UK top ten.

Following in 2001, “Fever” dropped with yet another massively popular single, “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”. This single alone demolished charts in over 40 countries, reaching the top in every single one. The record’s success continued with various other singles it included, each of them accomplishing at least the top ten in charts. The record itself sold well over 6 million copies, it introduced a new generation of fans to Kylie. So much so that in 2002, Capitol Records finally recognised Minogue again, and released the record in the US. The first time a Kylie Minogue record had been sold there for about 13 years.

“Body Language” would follow in 2003. The record took a lot of influence from other artists of the 80’s, such as Prince, Scritti Poltti and more, and a stronger focus on hip-hop than on the usual disco pop sound. Following the success of “Fever” would be a near impossibility, and as such the sales for “Body Language” didn’t feel as impressive, as a direct comparison. Still, several singles performed well from this album.

Minogue’s second greatest hits album came in the form of “Ultimate Kylie”, which featured the single “I Believe in You”. This single found itself nominated for a Grammy Award for the category “Best Dance Recording”.

The “Comeback” After Beating Breast Cancer

Minogue ran a tour that had been stopped by her diagnosis of breast cancer, and then resumed and finished when she had finished her chemotherapy treatment.
“X” would mark Minogue’s official return to studio records in 2007. Its lead single “2 Hearts” and the album itself reached the top in Australian charts. Its commercial performance in the UK struggled a bit at first, but picked up eventually, as two more singles “In My Arms” and “Wow” would find themselves top ten in the charts, and in the US the album received a nomination for a 2009 Grammy Award.

After years of busy tours, “Aphrodite” would release in 2010. Themed on the Greek Goddess of Love, it dominated UK charts and its lead single “All the Lovers” would top the UK singles charts as well. The record released to success right from its debut and found itself the focal point of Minogue’s live shows during her tour “Aphrodite: Les Foiles Tour”, which also received positive reception!

After a few busy years of celebration, including celebrating 25 years in the music industry, Minogue came back with “Kiss Me Once” in 2014. While the album itself reached highly respectable places of one and two in both UK and Australian charts, the singles of this particular record didn’t perform as well, “Into the Blue” peaking at just 12.
The following year introduced the world to Minogue’s first spin at a holiday album, “Kylie Christmas”. It consisted of covers of several popular Christmas songs, and performed relatively well as a result. It also received a re-release in 2016 with the new title “Kylie Christmas: Snow Queen Edition”.

In 2017, Minogue’s next album was released, “Golden”. A far stray from her usual genre, this record tackled country. It found positive critique for the most part and fans could enjoy Minogue taking an interesting risk, though some people frowned at her take on country, feeling she never understood the genre well enough to produce a whole album dedicated to it. Still, the album visited deeper lyrics than she would usually be known for.

2019 released “Step Back in Time: The Definitive Collection”, another greatest hits compilation album. It smashed both UK and Australian charts once more, even though it had been released during the global lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic which kicked off in 2019.

The pandemic didn’t stop Minogue, though. After teasing two singles for it during the year of 2020, “Disco” released to yet another instant success of smashing both the UK and Australian charts. It has been five decades of nonstop success for Minogue in these two regions in particular, with over 33 singles reaching the top of several charts over the years.

5 Must-Own Kylie Minogue Vinyl Records

That’s an overview of Kyle’s album releases. But if you’re a big fan, which ones should you own? We’re here to give you what we think are 5 records that any fan of Kylie absolutely must own!

Impossible Princess (1997)

While it wasn’t initially received well, and was released around an unfortunate time of the tragic death of Princess Diana, “Impossible Princess” over time has become one of Minogue’s most cherished records to date. Influence from Japanese media can be found in the imagery of the album, and the album itself is an extremely personal dive into the mind and struggles of a young woman. Despite what some would describe as a mishmash of genres and influences, the techno-pop album still cohesively joins to create an interpersonal and emotional journey.

The album’s cover certainly showcases its inspirations. A short, black haired Kylie defies the blonde pompadour we often associate with her, seated inside a spiraling structure of extremely vibrant, glowing colours. It’s a standout cover for any collection, and marks one of the most experimental phases of Minogue’s career.

Aphrodite (2010)

It only makes sense to allow the Princess of Pop to reach higher and become the Goddess of Love herself. The Goddess’ theme is apparent throughout the whole record, each song shaping the genre of dance albums in the 2010s. The album is oozing with beats and songs that can pick most people right off their feet, and wonderfully feel-good songs that can lift most a bad mood.

A Goddess is deserving of only the most elegant album cover. Kylie stands strong and powerful, arms raised and donning a flowing, beautiful blue dress to follow her graceful movement as well as a breastplate. Standing boldly in front of a spotless marble arch, this cover is an art and an empowering addition to any collection.

Fever (2001)

The record that spawned the colossal single “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”. Naturally this single alone had a lot to do with the album’s success, though the rest of the tracks absolutely deserve to be checked out. They all bring their own level of passion, their own sexy undertones and of course, their own entrance into the world of dance. While the songs are a little slower than some of Minogue’s other albums, its seamless integration of Europop in combination with disco and dance-pop still make it an important mark on not only Minogue’s career, but the dance genre as a whole.

The iconic cover also gives us a taste of this much more mature venture into dance music. Kylie is posed holding a mic above herself, the wires dodging around her while heels which match her revealing white outfit. A simple while background with the princess herself posed in the middle was all this record needed.

Light Years (2000)

A comeback of sorts for Minogue, one that came from revelations she found when performing live. She had to return to her roots, but she had to make it a little more modern at the same time. She had to go back to pop. If you ask anyone who knows this album, they’ll probably start with one thing: Campy. This album is at its core, extremely campy. It visits her home-genre with some real poolside tunes that are perfect for basking in the glory of summer. This album also created the union of King of Pop Robbie Williams with our known Princess of Pop, Kylie Minogue.

I didn’t mention the poolside for no reason. That’s the exact kind of vibe that this cover gives me; Kylie dons a blue swimsuit and sits elegantly against a beautiful, light sky behind her. Her blonde, fluffy hair in its entire glory here. The warmth of the sky and the peace of the water takes you right into the summer, just as the album itself will.

Golden (2018)

One of Minogue’s most recent records, and her lean into a country-styled influence on top of her usual dance tracks. Much like the earlier mentioned “Impossible Princess”, this album is certainly a much more personal one than some of the others. Again much like “Impossible Princess”, this album steered away from the singular genre of pop-dance and instead adopted the country genre. Minogue’s music tends to focus on being catchy, something you can dance to. But this album is more than that, giving us more vulnerable lyrics and deeper tracks. “Dancing”, despite its cheery title, even reflects on Minogue’s feelings of mortality.

The cover ties greatly into the name of the album. Golden sunlight shines on Kylie, who is sitting on a humble couch. Her iconography is enough to sell a cover on its own, but to have cleverly lit the shot to match the very title of the record itself was a clever move, and makes for a great collection piece!

The Princess of Pop

Kylie Minogue earned her title since the very beginning of her career in the 80’s, and has held onto it strongly ever since. With so many smash hits dominating the charts, especially in the UK and in her homeland of Australia, there’s no surprise as to how beloved she and her music truly are.

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