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David Bowie. A name that bridges generational gaps. A name so iconic and important not only to music, but to entertainment as a whole. It’s no wonder that even today, 7 years after he unfortunately passed away, his music and records still sell extraordinarily well.

The first record that put Bowie on the map as a musician was "Space Oddity". Released five days prior to the Apollo 11 launch on 11 July 1969, it leapt to top five in the UK. Bowie did attempt to find himself back within a band he could know more personally after "Space Oddity" had cemented him as a solo artist, however plenty of squabbles and things prevented that, including a very heated argument between Bowie and his at the time drummer, John Cambridge.

Throughout his incredible career, Bowie delved into plenty of different styles of music. "Space Oddity" started with an acoustic, rock-folk style, but moving onto his third album The Man Who Sold the World, he had changed things up for a heavier rock style. Though soon after developing his persona of Ziggy Stardust, in 1971, "Hunky Dory" saw another dramatic style change. This time being art pop and melodic pop rock.

In 1974 after the era of Ziggy Stardust, "Diamond Dogs" saw Bowie’s next movement being into soul and funk. This continued into 1975/1976 with "Young Americans" and "Station to Station" and further, with some dips back into rock/pop he had confidently performed before.

To list every single Bowie album here would be impossible. But one more era we could certainly look at is that of the 80’s, arguably his most successful years. This included "Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)" 1980, "Under Pressure" as performed with Queen in 1981, "Let’s Dance" which was co-produced by Chic’s Nile Rodgers in 1983 and "Tonight" from 1984, in which Bowie collaborated with Tina Turner.

To go through every single album, we’d probably be here all day. This is just a fraction of Bowie’s career and the many genres and styles that he had been a part of.

Most of, if not all of Bowie’s albums were produced as vinyl records. Including singles of more popular songs, rare picture disks (such as the one for "The Man Who Stole The World" and the self-titled "David Bowie") and so much more!

David Bowie Best Selling Albums

With his extensive and massive career, it’s easy to wonder: Just what were David Bowie’s best sellers? We’re here to help you answer such an elusive question!

According to figures, Bowie’s most popular album was "Let’s Dance". As we mentioned before, the 80’s were a very successful time for his music in general, it only makes sense his best selling album came out around this time. It hit the scene right on time while hip-hop and dance oriented music started flooding onto the charts.

"The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars". Essentially a documentation of one of Bowie’s boldest moves from his earlier career, this rock opera album found massive success. Its telling of the story of Ziggy’s emergence and end will make anyone view that entire portion of Bowie’s career in a new light.

"Aladdin Sane", part of the Ziggy Stardust saga, found itself vaulting into popularity with its weird, wonderful and colourful character centre stage. While this persona didn’t last a massively long time, he definitely left a massive impact on glittery, glam rock as we know it today.

It wouldn’t be right to think of this topic and not mention "Blackstar". Unfortunately leaving us only two days after Blackstar was released, Bowie had been fighting liver cancer for 18 months. Funeral pieces can be heard in the album alongside fast techno tracks- Almost as if Bowie knew what was coming. It would be him to leave us in such a dramatic, tragic way.

Last but certainly not least, "Heathen" deserves a mention too. The 90’s were a tough time for Bowie, he found little to no success with his albums throughout this decade. "Heathen" saw Bowie writing some very dark songs, likely some sort of an outlet for such a downer of a decade on his career.

Without a doubt, David Bowie’s mark left on the world is a huge one.

His legacy and story are still told to this day. It wouldn’t be too far off to call him one of the most influential performers of not only his time, but the present as well. There aren’t many artists that can say he didn’t inspire them in one way or another.

While of course some records performed better than others, we’d like to say that most of them would certainly be worth owning as a vinyl record. It’s very frequent that we’ll have at least a few David Bowie records in stock. Why not have a peek at what we’ve got for you now?

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