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Celebrating Eurovision!

Celebrating Eurovision!

It’s about that time of year- Eurovision is here! The absolute best time of year for the cheesiest songs you could ever hear- But you can’t help smiling at them. 

Given that it’s the most popular musically themed contest and one of the longest running TV shows in the entire world, it’s quite hard not to know what Eurovision is. But just in case, we’re here to help. 

Initially, Eurovision was put together in an attempt to encourage camaraderie between European countries during the aftermath of World War II. The first official contest came about in 1956 and due to just seven countries taking part, two songs were permitted for entry rather than the following years' rules of only allowing one. 

Every year since, the contest would go ahead, and would improve with the times around it. Monochrome broadcasts would become colour broadcasts in 1968, which then became satellite broadcasts in 1985 and streaming in 2000. Widescreen broadcasts became available in 2005 and upgraded to high-def in 2007. This year, we have the exciting introduction of ultra-high-definition broadcasting! 

2022 will mark the 66th year of Eurovision. (Excluding 2020, where the contest was replaced by Eurovision: Shine A Light, which showcased and honored the songs put together for that year in a non-competitive format due to the peak of the coronavirus pandemic.) 

It’s been a long 66 years of sharing music between countries, 66 years of finding talent for people to support even after the contests, such as the legendary ABBA in 1974. Since the time is here once more, we’re going to celebrate Eurovision how we know best; with vinyl records!

Some Of The Most Iconic Acts We’ve Got In Store

And waiting for you to give them a look! Even in the cases where we don’t have a record with their Eurovision song on it, we’ll still talk about the song and celebrate the artist with a record we do have in stock!

ABBA - Waterloo

We mentioned them just a bit ago, but ABBA are impossible to ignore when you talk about Eurovision. They stormed the competition with “Waterloo” which would become a smash hit in several countries and won the competition in 1974. The song references the Battle of Waterloo 1815, in metaphoric reference to a romantic relationship. It’s delightfully cheesy, it was released on several international singles, and it’s here on this greatest hits album as it should be for making history. 

Sandie Shaw - Puppet On A String

Puppet On A String was selected out of five songs to be Sandie Shaw’s performance at Eurovision 1967. Despite this being the song she hated, and continued to hate for years, it won the contest and became a smash hit across the world! It has also been recorded in a total of 5 languages, the other 4 being French, German, Italian and Spanish. This song was actually revisited in 2007 by Shaw when she and Howard Jones performed it together. After all those years of hating the song, this was the version that brought her around to it. 

Bucks Fizz - Making Your Mind Up

We don’t have a record with this particular track on it, we still have plenty of Bucks Fizz to celebrate the occasion. Despite fierce competition, Bucks Fizz came out with a landslide victory with “Making Your Mind Up”. Down to its immeasurable popularity, it found further success via record releases and promotional performances and media. It went on to dominate UK charts and sell as one of the most popular songs of its year as well as plenty of people holding the song in high regard as a fine example of the excellent brand of cheesy pop Eurovision has a reputation for. 

Brotherhood of Man - Save Your Kisses For Me

Another case of a track we don’t have in but still have a few records to celebrate the group. “Save Your Kisses For Me” was the first song to be performed at Eurovision in 1976 and dominated the competition with a 17 point lead over second place. The lyrics tell the gentle story of a man going to work and leaving his loved one behind to work… However the final line throws in the twist that this loved one is his child. It went on to become massively successful within several European countries, striking many charts at number 1 and even to this day remains to be one of the best-selling singles in the UK. 

Vicky Leandros - Après toi

Translated to “After You” in English, this song won Eurovision in 1972. The song was performed in French by Vicky Leandros and was also co-written by her father Leandros Papathanasiou. This ballad is written from the perspective of the singer telling their lover that should they leave for someone else, they will be nothing. It won by a comfortable 18 points in the year of its Eurovision performance, and like the others, went on to become popular in other countries. Leandros’ voice brings songs like these to life, as can be heard in any of her records!

Dana - All Kinds Of Everything

Dana won the Eurovision contest of 1970 with “All Kinds Of Everything”, representing Ireland. The year was a rocky one for the contests for more than one reason, but this strong ballad that saw Dana singing about things that reminded her of her beloved, as strongly told by the line “All kinds of everything remind me of you” on the end of every verse. This performance was the first win in Eurovision for the Republic of Ireland, which would be followed by an impressive 7 wins in total, at one point winning 3 years in a row! 

Lulu - Boom Bang-A-Bang

Another Eurovision classic that’s a little too hard to ignore when you’re thinking about the classics. Especially given that it ended up being what the BBC One programme that covered 50 years of Eurovision was named after! The song rose to an impressive high in European charts after its joint victory with three more entries in the contest in 1969. It’s a bouncy, cheesy pop song pleading for cuddles and hearts going “Boom Bang-A-Bang” when the singer is close to their lover.

Another Record To Celebrate Eurovision: The BRAND NEW “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga” 

This record came to us right in time to celebrate. This record is the soundtrack of the Netflix musical, fantasy comedy. As well as starring Will Ferrel and Rachel McAdams, it also features appearances from Tiesto, Demi Lovato, Netta, Conchita Wurst, Bilal Hassani, Loreen and so many more exciting guests! This new release is just one of 1000 copies pressed on pink 180g vinyl. What better what to celebrate Eurovision than the movie that was based on it? 

Eurovision Is Bigger Than Ever

And that just means yet another winner will be added to its wide and wonderful hall of fame. Another artist to be celebrated in the ever-expanding competition, likely to be met with successful record sales right after the contest. 

It’s an exciting time for music lovers! A massive selection of new songs and a vast array of talented artists take the stage in the name of this fabulous competition. We’re so excited to see the results of the Eurovision Song Contest, and even more excited for the records that will come from this year’s competition! 

Another Exciting Addition to the Eurovision Lineup!

Seventies Euro Classics is exactly what it sounds like- An excellent compilation album that puts together the best of the decade of the Eurovision Song Contest into one place. As is necesarry, ABBA are here with "Waterloo", Brotherhood of Man with "Save Your Kisses For Me", but also including Milk & Honey with Gali's "Hallelujah", Dana's "All Kinds of Everything" and so many more incredible hits from the 70's. It was a huge decade for the contest and brought in a lot of important contenders! 

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