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Which Pop Stars Deserve a Blue Plaque in their Honour?

Forty blue plaques will be unveiled on BBC Music Day this year - and you can decide who gets one.

Read more - 2 days ago

Elton John Will Help Curate New Vinyl Subscription Service

Elton John is among the curators for a new vinyl subscription service based around the favourite records of the stars. Experience Vinyl, a US-based service, and is to launch in April!

Read more - 6 days ago

Television's Punk Epic "Marquee Moon," 40 Years Later

With a volatile lineup and a mercurial frontman in Tom Verlaine, a fan at the time might’ve wondered whether the band would ever get around to painting their masterpiece. Finally, on February 8, 1977, Television released Marquee Moon —a debut well worth the wait!

Read more - 2 weeks ago

How Pepsi Used Pop Music to Build an Empire

For nearly 60 years, Pepsi’s mission has been to tie its soda inextricably to modern music and the aspiration of youth culture. 

Read more - 2 weeks ago

QUIZ - Match These Album Covers To Famous Artists

Where the music and art worlds collide. Match the artist to the album cover - any artist signatures have been removed!

Read more - 3 weeks ago

Money Can't Buy You Love, Sony... So Give Paul McCartney His Songs Back

Yes, Macca isn’t short of a bob or two. But doesn’t he deserve the rights to the Beatles classics he wrote?

Read more - 3 weeks ago

David Bowie Stamps to be Issued by Royal Mail

Royal Mail is set to issue an edition of 10 special stamps in honour of David Bowie, who would have been 70 this month. It's been pointed out that this is the first time an entire stamp issue has been dedicated to an individual music artist or cultural figure.

Read more - 4 weeks ago

New Smartphone-Controlled "Turntable"

Following the launch of the RokBlok – has shared details of a so-called “turntable” that plays your records by pivoting around a central point and sending the audio signal to your speakers via Bluetooth.

Read more - 4 weeks ago

Are these the Worst Singers who Made it Big?

This is a hat tip to those singers whose ability to hit a high C may be occasionally suspect - the singers who would struggle to get past the first round in any musical reality TV series you'd care to name - but who use their voices to powerfully convey emotion. 

Read more - 5 weeks ago

Sir Peter Blake Recreates Sgt Pepper

British artist Sir Peter Blake has recreated the iconic album sleeve for The Beatles' Sgt Pepper's on his 80th birthday. It was unveiled at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London earlier this week. The piece features artists, film directors, musicians, writers, fashion designers and chefs, as well as himself and his family, all who have inspired him over the years.

Read more - 5 weeks ago

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