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Beatles hit 'Hey Jude' nearly axed over concerns

The Beatles song Hey Jude was almost never a hit because the Apple label on the vinyl was considered too explicit.

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Albums to be released in 2019

2019 is shaping up to be a great year for albums. This year has already seen big records from Ariana Grande, Tom Walker, Dave and Billie Eilish top the Official Chart. Here are the other albums you can expect to see make a big impact on the charts this year... 

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11 classic albums that defined 1994

Mike Hanson: The words "legend" and "genius" get bandied about a lot when describing music. Another phrase is "era defining" . But if any album sums up the Britpop scene, it's Blur's Parklife. If Britpop was a jolly cheeky chappy English response to the misery-themed American Grunge that dominated guitar music in the early part of the decade, then Parklife is as none-more English as it gets. Britpop in general and Parklife in particular was the most quintessentially English music since The Kinks. The title track alone achieves this from guest narrator Phil Daniels' cockney delivery to the themes of daily working class British life to specifically British expressions like 'dustmen' and 'cut down on your pork rinds, mate.' Beyond that, tracks like 'Girls and Boys', 'This is a Low', and 'To The End' showed Blur to be more versatile and varied than their rivals Oasis, and Parklife put them on the cusp of worldwide fame.

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Getting in the Grooves: A Beginner's Guide to Vinyl Records

Image via Randolph Street Market You may be wondering why someone would opt for vinyl records over the millions of instantly available songs available via the internet. Every vinyl buyer has their own reasons, but here are some of the main appeals of vinyl records. A physical connection -- It's safe to say that in terms of the buying and storing of music, vinyl provides the most hands-on, tactile experience. The music industry is a huge, fast-moving beast, and for some, there is a comfort in slowing the pace down and buying a packaged product that allows them to physically connect with the music they purchase. The playing of a vinyl record is also a tactile ritual that requires one to physically place the needle onto the disc, something that can feel a lot more special than simply tapping a screen.

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Here are 5 of the rarest vinyl records on the market

Since their initial release in the late 40's, vinyl records have been popular amongst both younger and older generations alike. Having thought to be a dying breed when compact discs - or CDs - came into the picture, they enjoyed a post-millennium resurgence and sales have since skyrocketed over the years. Whilst the number of sales in the used record market can be hard to measure, figures indicate around 4 million units passed hands in 2007. Nine years later in 2016, this figure surpassed 16 million. Whether you're a zealous Zeppelin-fan, dotty about Doris Day or Beatles barmy, it's clear that there's a mystique and authenticity surrounding vinyl records that streaming online simply cannot capture. That being said, not every record is created equally.

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Bandcamp's new service is like Kickstarter for vinyl

Shannon Stapleton / Reuters Bandcamp is launching a Kickstarter-style vinyl crowdfunding service for artists. Once a musician's campaign hits its funding goal, Bandcamp will press the records, print the packaging, and handle shipping to boot. Artists will be able to set the price of their release and have full control of its design. Bandcamp's first four vinyl campaigns include Jim Guthrie's soundtrack for rogue-like indie game Below , Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah's Ancestral Recall , Juliette Jade's Constellation , and Mesarthim's Ghost Condensate . Vinyl crowdfunding will open to all artists and labels later this year. Bandcamp says it "streamlines the financing, production, and fulfillment of vinyl records." The service marks Bandcamp's latest step into the realm of physical music sales, following the opening of its first record store in Oakland, California in February.

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Bandcamp launches in-house vinyl crowdfunding and pressing service

L-Vis 1990 & Sinjin Hawke Feat. Pink Dollaz 'Cake (UNiiQU3 Remix)' Blawan 'North' Viva La Void 'Red Rider' Oli XL 'Stress Junkie' E-40 'Boy' (feat. P-Lo) Honnda 'Maraschino Zap' Carlos Giffoni 'Vain's Face' Kawaguchi Masami's New Rock Syndicate 'From Now On' Antemeridian 'Tuesday AM' Aïsha Devi 'Dislocation of the Alpha' Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program 'The Arrival' Jay Prince 'In The Morning' MJ Cole x Kojey Radical 'Soak It Up' Knightstown 'Keep' Will DiMaggio 'UH UH OH' Bandcamp launches in-house vinyl crowdfunding and pressing service By Scott Wilson , Apr 18 2019 Photograph by: Bandcamp The new service allows artists to press vinyl with no financial risk. Bandcamp is getting into the vinyl pressing business with the launch of a new crowdfunding service aimed at making it easier for artists to release their music on wax. The service will operate a similar model to crowdfunding services like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, allowing artists to launch a campaign to raise money to release their music on vinyl once a minimum goal has been reached.

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Vintage Vinyl

All across America, a huge percentage of the best hidden local gem 45s were cut by teenagers. This 1967 Splitsound 45 by Tucson's Butterscotch is no exception, and features a wonderful cover of The Association's sunshine pop classic "Your Own Love," the B side of their 1966 hit "Along Comes Mary." However, the real gem here is the B-side written by Fred Porter, a classic slice of authentic teenage pop-psych. Butterscotch's initial line-up consisted of  Palo Verde High School kids: Chuck Maultsby (future member of Stinky Felix and Tucson's '70s country rockers Chuck Wagon and The Wheels), Fred Porter (also later of Stinky Felix and current owner of Tucson's long-standing Porter Sound Recording Studio), Mike Northey and Walter Hicks. The group's beautiful harmonies were inspired by the vocals of their favorite local band, The Dearly Beloved.

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Bandcamp to launch vinyl-pressing service for artists

Producing vinyl remains a challenging issue in 2019. As Bandcamp states, "It's a costly and risky undertaking, and dealing with fulfillment and returns can be incredibly time consuming. Layer on top of that the mystery and complexity encountered by many trying to press vinyl for the first time, and it's no wonder so few people do it." To combat this, Bandcamp has announced a new pressing service. The company further explained the concept of its new service, stating: "Our new  vinyl pressing service  streamlines the financing, production, and fulfillment of vinyl records. With no up-front investment, an artist or label can create a vinyl campaign and start taking orders almost immediately. Once they reach their minimum goal, we press their records and ship them to their fans.

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Carly Rae Jepsen reveals tracklist for new album Dedicated

Recent singles "Now That I Found You" and "No Drug Like Me" come near the beginning of the record. Electric Guest makes an appearance on a cut called "Feels Right", while other titles include "Want You in My Room", "Automatically in Love", and "Right Words Wrong Time". See the full tracklist ahead. Pre-order Dedicated , and stock up on Jepsen's past vinyl releases here. You can also grab tickets to "The Dedicated Tour" here. Dedicated  Artwork: Carly-Rae-Jepsen dedicated new album cover artwork " data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" src="" alt="Carly-Rae-Jepsen dedicated new album cover artwork" width="806" height="806" srcset=" 1280w,,800 800w,,300 300w,...

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