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Hi all, In August 2018 we will embark upon the recording of a new UK Subs project which will take the form of a brand new 5 track EP. As you will know, our previous two offerings were released in association with our friends at Pledge Music. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Pledge for all of their efforts throughout our last two (very successful) campaigns. However, in the spirit of always striving to do something new and different, this time around we have decided to go it alone and put out the first ever fully independent release in the history of the UK Subs. We'll be operating as our own record label 'Subversive UK Records', self-publishing, as well as handling every single aspect of the production, design, manufacture and delivery of the record from start to finish.

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'How we made Now That's What I Call Music 100

The Now series has sold more than 120m copies in the UK since it launched in 1983 The 100th edition of Now That's What I Call Music will be released this Friday, featuring the biggest chart hits of the last four months. We went behind the scenes at Abbey Road as the Now team chose the tracks for the compilation's centenary.

"It's Now day!" declares Jenny Fisher, settling into a sofa in a relaxed, but cramped little room on the second floor of Abbey Road. Quietly spoken but authoritative, she's here to decide, compile and master the tracklisting for Now That's What I Call Music 100, which is set to be one of the year's biggest-selling CDs.

The Now series began in 1983 as a way of showcasing the success of Virgin Records which, at the time, was having an unprecedented run of hits with acts like Culture Club, Phil Collins and UB40.

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Cecilia Bengolea, Heatwave and Black Eagles bring dancehall party to Club Mega for Volcano Extravaganza

Performance artist and dancer Cecilia Bengolea will perform live alongside Japanese-French dancer Erika and Jamaican crew Black Eagles at Volcano Extravangaza, for a night programmed by The Store x The Vinyl Factory at the annual art and music festival.

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10 new albums to look out for in July

Drown out the sound of the English brass band with exciting debuts from Miss Red and Lotic, an intoxicating return for Polish cellist Resina, and forward-facing footwork from Chicago elder RP Boo.

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Jack White releasing new vinyl-only 3xLP live album

With artwork inspired by Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones.

Jack White is releasing a new 3xLP album on black, blue and white vinyl, this July via his Third Man Records Vault subscription scheme.

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Complete score for sci-fi film Logan's Run released on limited vinyl for the first time

Mixing electronics and early modular synths with classical orchestral arrangements.

Jerry Goldsmith’s complete original soundtrack for 1976 dystopian sci-fi movie Logan’s Run is getting its first ever vinyl release, in a deluxe package via Waxwork Records.


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Eric B. and Rakim releasing career-spanning 8xLP box set

Legendary hip-hop duo Eric B. and Rakim are releasing a new box set featuring all their entire catalogue of releases, this July via Urban Legends.

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A visual journey through 28 years of club culture with Berlin DJ Fiedel

The producer and longtime Berghain resident takes us through his incredible personal archive. Since Fiedel visited his "first real techno club" in December of 1990, he hasn't 'just' played at but has also attended some of the world's most storied club nights, parties and live shows - collecting flyers and ephemera from them along the way. Ahead of a Saturday night set at Berghain on the 30th June, and new vinyl-only compilation SEELEN.002 which includes his track 'Troll Bait', Fiedel shares his favourite memories from the past 28 years with us. Consider it an intimate journey through European music scenes for nearly three decades. UFO December 1990 Let's start at the beginning. This was my first visit to a real techno club. I just had turned 18, and heard about it in Monika Dietl's famous radio show on SFB2 - Sender Freies Berlin, West Germany's broadcasting station.

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Middlesbrough Record Fair Returns on Saturday 30th June

After a two year refurbishment programme with no events, the long-standing Record Fairs at Middlesbrough Town Hall are back with three Fairs booked for 2018 and four for 2019.
Featuring the best dealers in good quality vinyl and CDs, with no counterfeit or bootleg material on any format.

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9 Of The Most Unlikely Band Origin Stories

The stories behind how bands are formed tend to be pretty predictable - it's most likely the members went to the same school, grew up in the same town or if you’re younger, they might well have formed on the telly, like Little Mix. Thankfully not all tales are this unsurprising, fate definitely played its part in some cases...

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