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Can you remember the first record you bought? Many people speak about their early music influences based on the memories they evoke, perhaps sitting with friends on a Friday night catching up with the latest Beatles release or getting ready for a night out listening to The Smiths. With the introduction of firstly the CD and then downloads, music was increasingly becoming a solo enjoyment rather than one to be discussed and shared with friends.

Over the past few years however, there has been resurgence in the love for music in is original vinyl format. The growing popularity inspired The Hambleton Group, a family business which started in 1976, to open the new "Life of Vinyl" venture based at the company's 250,000 square feet, 20 acre site in Thornaby. The group has traditionally been a company who specialize in niche businesses.

Life of Vinyl will incorporate not just vintage LP’s and record players but also newly released and re-mastered albums, modern record players, recycled vinyl gifts, vinyl art, rock and pop art and photography in addition to a range of related books, bags and accessories. As an extension of this there will also be "retro rooms" including furniture, décor and iconic items from the period, creating a sense of nostalgia for anyone visiting.

As well as the on-line presence, Life of Vinyl will have a record gallery within the Thornaby complex which also holds; ArtsBank, an art gallery promoting local art and artists, Vectis Auctions, the world's largest specialist toy auctioneers, Teesside Caravans an Award Winning Caravan Dealership and You Can Caravan motorhome and accessories retail outlet.

New offerings will be uploaded every week (we have over 30,000+ vintage records to work our way through) including the latest releases and favourites from the past. Our aim is to appeal not just to audiophiles but also to music lovers of all tastes and levels.

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