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What is 180 gram vinyl and is it really superior? Find out the meaning and it's benefits.

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Vinyl Records at Life of Vinyl

Life of Vinyl is a leading online record store full of amazing vinyl records. We have a huge stock of tens of thousands of both second hand vinyl and new vinyl, with more being added all of the time. We are huge fans of vinyl with a love for helping you find just what you’re looking for.

Whether you are looking for vintage vinyl or something more modern, we have something to suit every taste and interest in our huge collection.

New & Second Hand LP Records

Sales of new vinyl records over the past 15 years have continued to climb year on year and the boom shows no signs of stopping. As such, new artists are releasing records on vinyl thick and fast. Reissues of classic records and limited edition releases are also growing with demand.

Here at Life of Vinyl we are continually adding new vinyl releases and re-mastered albums from artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Abba, Pink Floyd and many more. If you are looking for new releases from a particular music genre you can be rest assured we will have lots to choose from, whether you’re into Rock, Jazz or Dance records.

As well as new release vinyls, there has been a resurgence for vintage, used vinyl records and our second hand vinyl records collection is huge. For music enthusiasts, second hand vinyl brings about an air of nostalgia. Classic records in their original sleeves provide a snapshot of its history and time period. Rare and collectable albums are also near impossible to find other than in vinyl format, therefore, fans turn to used vinyl to get their hands on rare albums.

Life of Vinyl sells both new and second-hand vinyl so rest assured whatever you choose, you should be able to find it here. What’s more, our accurate grading system means you can buy, safe in the knowledge that your new purchase will arrive exactly as it is described and pictured on our website.

Rare & Collectible Vinyl Records

Vinyl records are a popular choice with collectors and music enthusiasts for a variety of different reasons. For many vinyl enthusiasts, they love to collect rare and collectable vinyl records. They see them as an investment and they would be right to do so as many vinyls do hold their value. If kept in good condition, vintage vinyl can fetch a pretty penny. However, a lot of people just like to collect them to add to their vinyl collection with no intention of selling.

From rare classics such as Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti and 70’s folk band Tudor Lodge’s self-titled classic to modern-day marvels, we have a whole variety of different rare and collectable vinyl records. Ideal for those looking to build or add to their collection with some of the famed classics.

With such a vast collection and huge stock of vinyl, whatever you are looking for, you can find it in our collection. If you can’t be sure to get in touch, as we are continually adding new items to our website from an ever-growing backlog of records we have in stock.

A Brief Look Back at Vinyl Records

The history of vinyl is an interesting one that dates back as far as 1857 when Edouard-Leon Scott, a French inventor, developed a device that involved a vibrating pen that graphically represented sounds onto paper discs. Jumping forward to 1878, Thomas Edison became interested in the concept and created a device that replayed the sounds it recorded and played them aloud.

In 1887, Emil Berliner created the first vinyl record player; the gramophone. After years of enjoyment by its users and further development, commercial attraction caught the eye of Columbia Records. They backed the very first vinyl record, which was released in 1948. In 1982 the CD player was invented and vinyl records saw a huge drop off. Most major labels stopped producing records completely and opted instead for digital downloads. While the mainstream were very much on board with the transition, music lovers and DJ’s kept vinyl from extinction with their love of the vinyl record sound.

By 2008 a lot of record labels started to bring back vinyl due to their collectability, and the rest is history. Vinyl album sales have grown for the 13th consecutive year in the UK and we are so glad. The sound of music on vinyl is incomparable.

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